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C%20REGENCY%20PARK%20PRIMARY%20SCHOOL%20%2840%20OF%2043%29.JPGModularity - it's construction out of the box!

Everyone knows modular construction is great for school portables and relocatable site offices. But with Modularity, the cutting-edge modular construction solution from Rendine Constructions, that's only a small part of the story.


RENDER%20%28EXTERNAL%2010%29.JPGThe superpower underpinning every Modularity project

Amy Van Berkel lifts and spins entire buildings with ease. Walls are shifted with a deft flick of her wrist. Her superpower isn't incredible strength, though, it's 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) software that is the starting point for each successful project delivered by Rendine Constructions' innovative Modularity team for our clients.
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RENDINE%20-%20GEN%20FYANSFORD%20%2835%20OF%2056%29.JPGSold! Modularity delivers developer's display suite in record time

Just three months was all Rendine Constructions needed to turn an ambitious idea into a new, bespoke display suite, ready for occupancy by Gen Fyansford property developers ICD Property and Supalai.



The five advantages of modular building

If quality and precision need to underpin your next construction project; if fast turnaround with minimal disruption on your site matters; if certainty over budget and outcomes is crucial, there's really only one viable choice: Modularity by Rendine.
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'Live' from our most ambitious project yet!

Here at Rendine we love innovation and what we can do when we put our minds to it!

Thats why we love when our staff members really get involved in the Modularity process.

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RENDINE%20-%20MODULARITY%20FACTORY%20%28141%20OF%20156%29_200826_5975.JPGMeet the teacher who designs classrooms for Modularity by Rendine

Only a teacher can fully understand the unique challenges of the classroom environment that fellow educators face every day.

That's why modular construction business, Modularity by Rendine begins with our Design Manager, and former schoolteacher, Amy Van Berkel.


DR%20ROOS.PNGWith Biophilic Design, Modularity by Rendine brings nature into the modular classroom

Bringing a touch of the natural environment to modular classroom design may have a powerfully positive effect on students, an exclusive study shows.


FACTORY%201A.PNG.JPGNew factory gives Rendine a modular advantage

With the opening of a spacious new factory facility, Rendine Constructions is now a force in the emerging modular construction industry. And our customers are reaping the benefits.

The factory was established in 2020 adjacent to our existing headquarters in Geelong, and uses our trademark system, Modularity by Rendine, to enable design, fabrication and fit-out of modular sections under one roof before they are delivered to the client's site for installation and connection to services. Read more...

RENDINE%20-%20ROLLINS%20PS%20EXTERIORS%20%282%20OF%2031%29.JPGModularity transformed Rollins Primary School in just 16 weeks

Just 16 weeks was all that Rendine Constructions needed at Geelong's Rollins Primary School to replace an ageing school wing with a brand-new, state-of-the-art education facility.


TATE_ST_PRIMARY-PORTABLES%20%2823%20OF%2045%29.JPGWhy Modularity by Rendine scores A+ from schools

Running a school whilst major on-site building works are taking place is traditionally a chaotic experience.

The noise, disruption to services, loss of classroom space and obstructions can last up to 18 months, placing students and teachers under duress and adding to the burden of administrators.



Modular might be the future of construction

That bold declaration comes from global real estate services giant Jones Lang LaSalle1. With millions of square metres of floorspace under management around the world, 'JLL' is well placed to spot an emerging construction trend. Read more...