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Very few things last forever, however in many instances we are able to restore, revive or rebuild what has become old, wearied or damaged. So whether you are the victim of fire, flood or wind, or simply looking to rewrite the use by date on a benchtop, your reception area or a facade, our team is here for you.

The professional alternative to doing it yourself.

Small, complex projects requiring specialist skills are often in need of an accomplished project manager to ensure a smooth execution of works and achievement of project milestones. The Rendine team are highly adept at managing such projects.

In an emergency, Rendine is the key ingredient to handling your disaster.

Whether Mother Nature has unleashed her fury, workmanship has failed, or an accident has occurred, property damage and/or loss is often the result. While these events are outside of your control, the process to manage the loss can be controlled. The team at Rendine Constructions has extensive experience in responding quickly to emergencies to assess and rectify damage, allowing businesses to resume full operations in shortened timeframes.

Offering damage assessment and emergency management rectification services, we have rescued countless clients across Victoria from their crisis situations.