Rendine Constructions -

By failing to prepare,
you prepare to fail.

The feasibility analysis is the single most important step within the property development process.

Wisdom gained from 45 years of construction has allowed Rendine to become risk management experts.

We deconstruct complex project variables, aiding the reduction of risk, improving forecasting and managing legal and regulatory compliances. This incorporates a detailed review of plans, specifications, contracts, planning approvals, and market analysis and projections. Our thorough approach allows us to find opportunities within risk, protect against the risks that are present and identify those that are not obvious. Most scenarios have been encountered at least once previously.

Feasibility; easy, convenient, objective, rational, viable, success.

In assessing the feasibility of a project from a number of perspectives to maximise potential and avoid overcapitalisation, we follow a structured approach:

- Site inspection
- Photographic and aerial survey
- Concept development 3D modelling
- Budget costing

- Value management
- Project timeline estimate

The informed and comprehensive report we provide details the above findings and our recommendations, providing you with the confidence you need to achieve your vision.