Rendine Constructions - Explaining the Rendine difference

What is 'the Rendine difference'?

RENDINE%20-%20ROLLINS%20PS%20EXTERIORS%20%282%20OF%2031%29.JPGYou won't find it written in any contract, but baked into every project that Rendine Constructions undertakes is a commitment to pursue excellence in every aspect, drive continual improvement, and to build strong relationships.

The result is that we not only deliver extraordinary construction, but also do the little things that reduce the client's stress levels. We call it 'the Rendine difference'.

Rendine Constructions has grown around the family values of Laurie Mills, who in 1973 began assembling a small, agile and highly-skilled group of commercial building specialists that has since created some of the most notable landmark buildings in Geelong and the Western District.

From the outset, Laurie made sure the customer always came first, explains Laurie's son Greg Mills, the current Managing Director of Rendine Constructions.

“If you were the client with their value system, and with their experience and what they're trying to achieve, stand in those shoes and look at what you're about to do through that prism. When you get their needs, you sort out things that are important,” he says.

Since humble beginnings almost 50 years ago, Rendine Constructions has evolved to offer a broad suite of construction solutions, civil works and maintenance services, and in 2017 added the increasingly popular option of modular construction.

RENDINE-HQ%20%2867%20OF%2068%29.JPGUsing our proprietary system, Modularity by Rendine, we achieve fast and precise construction with a high degree of design flair, all whilst keeping the client's needs at the centre of every transaction.

One recent example was a significant overhaul of the ageing infrastructure at Lalor East Primary School, in which Modularity by Rendine replaced approximately 85 per cent of the school's outdated classrooms and facilities with new, purpose-built and bespoke-designed modular buildings.

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Principal Linda Richards says she was delighted not only with the quality of the built product, but also the care and attention her school received.

“Dealing with Rendine is like working with a big family. They have bent over backwards for us. I have the sense that they care deeply not just about the outcome, but about us,” she says.

“Five groups came to tender, and they were the only one who talked to me and asked what we wanted. They were friendly and helpful, and I was rapt when they got the job.”

Ms Richards also appreciated Rendine's relentless pursuit of quality, describing extensive conversations with our Design Manager, Amy Van Berkel, herself a former schoolteacher.

“Amy was amazing to deal with, no detail is too small. She really understands how schools work. We've had lengthy discussions about something as minor as the placement of a power point, or the positioning of felt boards,” Ms Richards says.

“Our site foreman, Jordan, was so patient. There probably wouldn't be two days in a row where I didn't have at least one catch-up with Jordan, just to see how everything is going, and he was always happy to chat.”

RENDINE%20-%20MODULARITY%20FACTORY%20%281%20OF%20156%29_200826_5724.JPGGreg says Rendine commitment's to quality workmanship extends from the office-based designers and engineers, through to the skilled trades people working in our modular factory or at the client's construction site. “If you wouldn't have it in your house, you're not going to do it here. That's the guiding light of managing quality,” he says.

This approach applies to every Rendine project, whether it's based on conventional on-site construction, or modular construction at our modern factory where we fabricate modules that are transported to the client's site for final assembly.

Either way, we apply uncommon care to every project, ensuring we work closely with all key stakeholders to minimise disruption during construction, communicate effectively about service interruptions and keeping them apprised of progress and developments.

“There will always be problems, but how we sort them out is the measure of us,” says Rendine Constructions General Manager Michael Thornton. “We make a commitment to our clients that what we say we'll do, we'll do.

“If we're going to turn the water off, we'll tell you two weeks in advance what's going to happen, and how long it's going to happen for. We'll do it when we said we would, and have it back on when we said we would.”

Another key advantage, says Michael, is that clients are dealing with an in-house team of specialists - a comparative rarity in an industry where outsourcing has become commonplace.

“The vast majority of our workforce is directly employed by Rendine Constructions, which means every person is deeply invested in the success of each project,” he says. “We're a small and agile team with the ability to design, engineer, fabricate, construct and install pretty much anything. That makes us accountable and makes the whole process so simple for the client.”