Rendine Constructions - The five advantages of modular building

The five advantages of modular building

If quality and precision need to underpin your next construction project; if fast turnaround with minimal disruption on your site matters; if certainty over budget and outcomes is crucial, there's really only one viable choice: Modularity by Rendine.

New construction technologies mean that we can fabricate your project at our modern factory facility in modular sections, or modules, which we transport to your site for delivery and final assembly. Using our proprietary Modularity by Rendine system, we can hand over the keys in up to half the time taken by traditional construction.

RENDINE%20-%20MODULARITY%20FACTORY%20%28142%20OF%20156%29_200826_5976.JPGOur efficient off-site production and delivery model also significantly reduces disruption at your site - you're spared most of the noise and disruption implicit in traditional construction, because almost all of the fabrication work happens in our factory. In this way, we typically shave months off the time your site is 'under construction', and without many of the pain points typically associated with major construction works. This is a particular advantage for schools, where classes typically continue in nearby buildings as construction takes place.

With the regimented construction processes we use in our factory, the Modularity process significantly reduces waste and energy use, while weather-related disruptions - which can delay outdoor construction projects by weeks - are virtually eliminated.

We also offer a bespoke, architecturally designed finish for every project, along with the option to integrate Biophilic design principles to create tranquil, yet stimulating spaces.

In essence, we cut complexity by working with you to break each project into simple stages. The result is intelligent, flexible and fast construction, to your precise specification.

RENDINE%20-%20ROLLINS%20PS%20EXTERIORS%20%282%20OF%2031%29.JPGCase study: Rollins Primary School, North Geelong

Want to know more? Here are five of the most decisive advantages of the Modularity by Rendine system:


From design brief to handover can be as little as six months. Traditional on-site construction to the same specification can take up to 18 months. This is possible because we can begin our highly efficient fabrication process at our factory at the same time that demolition and site preparation works are taking place on your site. When we deliver the modular sections to the pre-prepared site, it's a quick process to complete the assembly, connect to services, complete any landscaping work required, and hand the keys over to you.


Costs are agreed upon before construction begins, and matched to an assured outcome. This ensures there are no surprise add-ons or scope creep issues. Modularity by Rendine is competitively priced versus traditional construction and also creates extra efficiencies in time and peace-of-mind as the project progresses - there's less site disruption, fewer weather-related delays, higher quality and greater certainty.

RENDINE%20-%20MODULARITY%20FACTORY%20%2879%20OF%20156%29_200826_5875.JPGDisruption (or the lack of it)

As the built product is fabricated in our factory, preparation works simultaneously take place at the site. Noise and dislocation are minimised to short, manageable timeframes. We prioritise your needs and work closely with you to communicate and minimise any expected disruptions.


Every Modularity by Rendine project begins with a precise and thorough design brief that locks down every aspect. That means no surprises later. The combination of our modern factory, a specialist in-house workforce and regimented, repeatable processes means that a quality end product is assured.


With short timelines, assured quality and agreed results from the outset , Modularity by Rendine is the ideal solution for schools, councils, businesses and governments seeking a fast turnaround that minimises risk to either the budget or the completed product.

Interested? Learn more about how Modularity by Rendine could be the ideal solution for your next construction project. Contact Craig Whitford on (03) 5248 2542 or