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How Rendine Constructions builds 'wow' into every project

Form and function are often cited as counter-productive forces - some builders will tell you that you can choose one or the other, but never the full complement of both.

At Rendine Constructions, we aim for every construction project to comprise exemplary, highly functional construction, but also delivered and presented with a distinctive 'wow' factor.

To do this, we work closely with some of the region's top architectural firms to bring their cutting-edge designs to life.

A prime example is the new Douglas Boyd Learning Centre we completed for Geelong's Marcus Oldham College in 2019, at a cost of $10.5 million.

This project, undertaken in conjunction with 3iD Architecture, delivered a spectacular three-level learning hub including classrooms, learning spaces, multipurpose area, breakout and meeting rooms, and an IT hub.

“The college wanted to make a statement about their commitment to 21st century agriculture and preparing students for the future. The building had to tell this story and provide a space to teach in the 21st century,” says Rendine Constructions General Manager, Michael Thornton.

“It was a pretty amazing build, just because of the complexity. Nothing was flat, everything was triangulated. We're extremely proud of the result.”

Our process begins with gaining an understanding of the elements that are important to the client and identifying opportunities to enhance them, as well as identifying any factors that could affect our ability to deliver. This information guides our quality control, procurement planning and program design. Our customers can relax, safe in the knowledge we are doing all the worrying for them.

We work with our architectural partners to add a unique stamp to every project we build. That design flair may be a reflection of the client's own style, the company's own history or function, or take cues from the surrounding built or natural environment.

At Whittington Primary School, in Geelong, we delivered a substantial new-build in 2019 (in conjunction with 3iD Architecture), effectively creating a beautiful new school on the existing site at a project cost of $6 million.

This included classrooms, administration areas, an auditorium with a canteen, music and art rooms, plus an indoor sports court. A large civil and landscaping package completed the transformation by adding four stunning courtyards. The result rejuvenated not only the school's ageing facilities, but also the entire community.

“It was an amazing result; a run-down school became a hub, a place that is appreciated and valued. The students are genuinely proud of the school they go to,” Michael says.

While schools are a specialty of Rendine Constructions, there are many other applications where Rendine's attention to design and environmental suitability has come to the fore. In Anglesea, the Department of Sustainability and Environment's depot office (with FMSA Architecture) won a Master Builders award for design principles that addressed energy and water use, and waste management. The visually distinctive façade favours its coastal location and leaves a lasting impression.

The Eastern Hub (with FMSA Architecture), a multipurpose community space in East Geelong, presents a stunning presence and was also the winner of a Master Builders award, while the distinctive DELWP-Gellibrand Office and Depot (with FMSA Architecture) further exemplifies Rendine Constructions' ability to take the architects design and deliver an extraordinary project.

“It's about understanding your materials and finishes, and using them to greatest effect,” Michael says. “From even a basic shape you can raise a roof, highlight a window, shift a few things around and work with highlights and finishes to create a visually dramatic statement.”

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