Rendine Constructions - Rendine Constructions adds family values to every project

Rendine Constructions builds family values into every project

RACES%202.JPGConstruction companies come and go; a select few stand the test of time. They are typically underpinned by strong family values, ethical leadership and a firm commitment to great outcomes every time.

At Rendine Constructions, we've been delivering landmark projects across the Geelong region, Western Victoria and Melbourne, ever since Laurie Mills established a small building firm specialising in commercial construction back in 1973.

“Dad made this company about family,” says Greg Mills, the current Managing Director of Rendine Constructions. “To me, that's important, it says something about who we are.”

For proof, look no further than the name over the door. Rendine is not a family name, as you might expect; it's an assemblage of letters representing Laurie's three children - Greg, Andrew and Janine.

Although he is now contentedly retired, the values instilled by Laurie remain a guiding inspiration for a new generation of construction and engineering specialists. This is led by Greg, a qualified engineer who also believes success starts with assembling a “family” of employees with like-minded values and work ethic.

“You need to have trust in those around you,” he says. “You have to have incredible confidence in your capacity as a company, otherwise you'd never do it. It starts with that.”

Under the leadership of successive generations of the Mills family, Rendine Constructions' great strength has been the ability to retain a highly skilled but agile workforce. “We never wanted to be the biggest (in construction). That's easy to do, and easy to fail,” Greg says.

“As a small, skilled team you can be nimble, you can do things that you can't do in a large company. You get to define the rules as situations come your way.

That means Greg, as Managing Director, and General Manager, Michael Thornton, are both “intrinsically involved” in day-to-day business decisions, and always directly accessible to the client.

“Here, the controllers of capital are watching the bolts go together,” Greg says. “You know your workforce; you understand the people and where they come from. You can draw the best from them. In a large company, you just can't know everybody.”

For the Rendine Constructions team, customer satisfaction is the starting point of every project, not a hopeful outcome. Details are key, from the first pen stroke to the final rivet.

“You try to put yourself in the client's shoes,” Greg explains. “If you were the client with their values, and with their experience and what they're trying to achieve, stand in those shoes and look at what you're about to do through that prism.”

The values set in place by Laurie Mills might not have changed much over nearly 50 years, but this family-owned-and-run construction company has undoubtedly evolved.

Drawing on the expertise of Greg and Michael, both qualified engineers, Rendine Constructions kicked off our most ambitious project, Modularity by Rendine, in 2017. In 2020, we opened a new factory dedicated to modular construction that ensures maximum quality control, efficiency and customer satisfaction can be packaged into every modular construction project.

As a result, Rendine Constructions now offers our clients a choice of methodologies:

Whichever method our clients choose, our unique “family” approach ensures quality, service, satisfaction and accountability will be built into every project.